The After Look With Charldia

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Something That Has Always Bugged Me

If you looked at the pictures first, you might think you're about to read some philosophical or political article concerning all the things that are currently on the horizon or are on future horizons that could lead to an economic downfall. You are on the wrong web page, cause this grandma 'just ain't smart enough' to discuss those topics. But I do want to talk about something similar on a much smaller scale. And that is, "Why so many of our small 'Mom & Pop' businesses continuously fail?" AND IT'S NOT THE CURRENT ECONOMY, because I've seen it happen all my life- around me, in my community, in my own family, with friends and acquaintances, church family, and the list goes on. I remember not long after my husband and I bought our home out in Southside. It was just a rural community, then. We were the third house on our little cul de sac, and now there's not much elbow room. I remember hearing people say they wished that we had this kind of shop, that kind of restaurant, etc. And we did have local people begin to open businesses, but they didn't last long at all because the community wouldn't support them. If a pair of pantyhose was a quarter cheaper 15 miles into town, they would spend the time and the gas to drive that far to save that quarter. Wow, hey, but our little community is in the big leagues now, we have a Dollar General and a McDonalds. And then there's this- if your brother is a plumber and you need plumbing work done, why would you invest in a stranger, when that's how he supports his family? If your Aunt Sue owns a toy store and she has what you need, is it really going to hurt you to pay $2 more than the Walmart price? It's your family, it's your friends... They need your support to succeed. Invest in each other, support each're not only helping financially, but you are strengthening relationships and the very foundation if what a community is suppose to be. A few years back, I was attending a fairly large church. As most churches, they did directories. I suggested the possibility of doing a business directory. I was fairly new to the church, but I knew there were some construction owners, lawyers, independent insurance agents, a fitness gym owner , beauticians, etc. I just didn't know who was who or how to contact the person I might be in need of. Needless to say, my suggestion was rendered null and void. It wasn't that my idea was rejected but that I truly wanted to know, these people were now my family and I wanted to support their businesses and professions. I don't understand it. Our ancestors bartered and traded with their FAMILIES, their FRIENDS, and their NEIGHBORS unless it was something that those around couldn't provide. That is what caused towns to grow and people to begin specializing in various fields. It is what we need to do today. I love Walmart, Winn Dixie, Sears and all those stores too. I'm just saying prioritize. Is what your buying something that your friend has a specialty shop in and would your purchase really benefit her business. Is your uncle a mechanic that works strictly on commission...wouldn't it be worth paying $10 more than Express Mechanics charges to help him feed his family? Is a member of your church a dentist or a doctor and you don't have one yet, use him. If you already do, recommend him to friends. Look around as you drive through small towns or communities. How many empty buildings do you see? How many Gone Out or Going Out of Business signs do you see? And how many of them are from the poor economy and how many are the result of lack of support from friends and family?