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Friday, March 21, 2014

Don't Give Up, God's Got Something Better For You

I know I need to be a more faithful blogger, but health issues and circumstances continually hinder.  And I said hinder, not stop. So many times I want to quit and often I loudly proclaim I am, but my heart and my faith won't allow me. In January I had my 86th surgery, a total right knee replacement. Each surgery seems to zap strength from me. So many projects get put on hold. I had hoped to have my book ready by March, instead only 2 chapters are complete with lots of notes and scribbles for the rest. I was hoping to finish my 2012 Spring Cleaning on my house, but I'm afraid it might be Spring 2015 before I get it done. And being someone who daily battles depression and being OCD, it really gets to me living in clutter and disarray. I shudder to think what my Mother would think if she could look down from heaven and see. She raised us to be able to pass the white glove treatment any day, anytime. Sorry Mom! It's not like I don't want everything labeled, in its place, dust and dirt free. I really do! And even though thoughts of worthlessness, hopelessness, helplessness try to take root, I pray and battle to cast them aside, and know that even in my clutter, my pain, my weakness- I still have a purpose and God's still got something good for me.

I wanted to share the following good thing that has happened in my oldest son's life, thus happening in my too. It truly has been a blessing.

These photos only begin to tell the story. Both of my sons have a very romantic nature. My dear husband of almost thirty-nine years doesn't have a romantic bone in his body (oh, but I do love that man). My oldest son is a pastor and an awesome, true Man of God. After 11 years of marriage, he went through a traumatic divorce. It was a dark time for him, but thanks to his overseers, his church family, family and friends- he came out stronger than ever before. He waited a couple of years before dating. And one day God brought this beautiful, godly woman (who had also been through the fire and came out stronger) into his life. I have never seen my son happier or more in love. Due to circumstances in her younger days, she had never attended a High School Prom. So as a birthday surprise, he gave her one. We had over 50 friends and family all decked out in formal attire, enough food for 200, a professional photographer and more fun than most had ever had. It turned out to be a first prom for several others. We voted on Cutest Couple, Best Dressed, etc. But it was rigged for my son and his date to get King and Queen. After the crowning, he dropped on his knee, pulled out the ring and asked her to be his Queen for life. Ahhhh it's great to know that romance is still alive, that God is still in control and we have a wedding to attend June 21, 2014.
I am so thankful God can turn brokeness into beauty and strength. And that even when we don't always see it, He has a plan for us that is so much greater than these earthly minds can imagine. I am so thankful for my beautiful sons, daughter in law, future daughter in law, my hubby, and of course my precious, absolutely perfect
(well most of the time) grandchildren. Which by the way, I will officially have 5 as of June 21st, and I already love her and feel like she's mine. So I wanted to share my blessing and to encourage others that God has something great for you, too. I also request prayer for my entire family that we always strive to be in God's perfect will and allow our trials to make us stronger. I love the saying that with age, God can take our messes and turn them into messAGES. God is truly an awesome God.