The After Look With Charldia

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hindsight Verses Foresight

How do you look at things with your sight? Are they before you? Or are they behind you? Seems like a silly question doesn't it? We know we see to the front. That is why everyone uses the saying "hindsight is better than foresight". In other words, if we could have seen ahead of time what was going to happen, we would have done things differently. But I often wonder if any of us really would or is each thought, each action, each circumstance orchestrated for a greater purpose. And don't you really believe that it's those mistakes that we wish we could have a do-over for that makes us stronger and wiser and better. It gives us knowledge to pass down to our children and grandchildren. It's those after looks that we use to assess our mess that builds character, gives us purpose, alters our course and gets us on the right path. God wants us to learn from all those hindsights are better than foresights situations. Here's something to ponder. God tells us when He forgives us, He remembers them no more. But what about us? Most of us wallow and dwell in the past. We say we can't see our future, we don't know what God has in store ahead of us. But we have it turned around wrong. As you are driving down the road, walking down a path... Those things are behind you. You may remember some of the things you saw but unless you turn back around, those things are gone from your sight. But you do see your future, and you are watching it very carefully, because you don't want to make a wrong turn, have a wreck, or stumble off the path. So use those after looks and assess, give it to God, use it for growth and get your foresight on your future. ✿Let me know if you have an 'after look subject' you would like us to look into ★Or if you a related story you would like me to share. ♥Coming soon An After Look At Betrayal and An After Look At Some Most Embarrasing Moments