The After Look With Charldia

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

After The Pity Party

Does life ever just seem to swallow you up? Are there times when you feel the whole world is against you? Are there times when you feel mad at the whole world? I think we've all had more of those days than we care to count. Days when we are already at our lowest and someone comes along and pushes our face a little deeper in the mud. Sometimes it's so bad we just want to be left alone to cry and have a good old-fashioned pity party. And of course, everyone is going to choose that time to call and you answer, "hhheelllooo (sniff, sniff)..." And they ask you, "What's wrong?" "ehhehhhNuuutthhhiinnnn sob sob sob". Now if you're a woman (depending on your age) you can blame it on your time of the month or menopause. Most men, however, are never going to admit they are feeling sorry for themselves. They might tell you they just had a bike wreck, mashed their thumb with a hammer, or that they are peeling onions. They won't, however, say it's been a bad day and I just want to pull the cover over my head and cry. . But having pity parties can become a real issue when we begin to wallow in them, have more of them than we have celebration of life. It is a real problem that can lead to depression, anxiety, and even suicide. It can become an issue with people who struggle with self-esteem due to weight problems, physical appearances and such. Also people who work hard on a job and are never given credit for what they do, or are constantly being blamed for the mistakes of others. And another major thing is betrayal of any kind. Once someone has been betrayed by a loved one, a friend, or a spouse, it is hard to trust, and if it happens again, then people begin to look at themselves wondering why they weren't good enough. All of this can lead to days and days of feeling sorry for yourself, which leads into months and into years. People like this are hurting. They need help. And it doesn't mean the aren't Christians, sometimes this much doubt and confusion coming against a person without ceasing, can bog even the strongest of faith down in the mirey clay of self-pity. But God is still God. He is Faithful. He is Just. He is Forgiving. He is Merciful. He is Kind. His Hand reaches all the way down and pulls us out of that Clay of Pity and puts us on the Rock. It's time for a Rock Party to celebrate the life, the freedom and the fullness we can have in Him.