The After Look With Charldia

Monday, April 22, 2013

God's Cry

My heart has been heavily burdened for our nation for a long time, but even more so since the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon April 15, 2013 followed by the explosion of the fertilizer plant in Waco, Texas. And in my own hometown the next two days, there was an arrest of two teenagers at a local motel where they found two bombs and firearms, then a bomb threat at one of our middle schools. God laid this writing on my heart which I posted on my Redbubble Art site. I was so happy with the response of people coming in agreement and the number of hosts that made it a featured writing which got it out to a wider audience. This morning I received an email that it was third place in Editor's Choice for Ending the Week of April 21. That is no glory on me but glory to God for He gave me the words of this prayer and I pray you will come in agreement with it too. Our nation needs healing. Terrorism, abuse, murder, crime is rampant and through prayer we can bring it under control if enough people will join in agreement, pray, share, and pass it on. I am reminded of the scripture in Revelations where the saints of God are under the altar crying, "How long, Lord before you avenge our blood?" Troubled times are here, signs are everywhere. What are you going to do? Will you listen and hear GOD'S CRY? How heavy are the rains that pour from the skies I know how hard you're weeping God, those tears fall from your eyes. Your tender heart is broken from innocent lives both injured and lost For some godless group or person to get their point across. The earth shakes, the mountains trembles As you cry out with your booming voice A question you know the answer to, but you want mankind to search their hearts. " Why," You cry, "Why?" Your question to those who terrorize, abuse, and destroy. Precious children, helpless elderly mistreated without second thought. Then people cry, "Well if God is God, why doesn't He stop this now?" And you could with just a thought, or blink, or simple wave of your hand. But then man would no longer have free will and they would complain That God had now enslaved them, they don't want to face the truth that The world is in the shape it's in simply because of the sin of man And Christians sat back way too long not taking action and failing to pray. And now evil, sin, abuse and terrorism grows more rampant everyday. I feel your pain God because I know your Spirit. I hear your weeping because I know your voice. I sense you calling for your children to pray, Because my heart is heavily burdened... Your Word says if 2 or 3 agree, well here I am, I come in agreement with You Father, with You Holy Spirit, and with You Jesus the Son. We cry out and pray for this world to turn from its evil ways, refrain from destroying the innocent and turn their hearts and faces to you. For You alone can be their help, You alone can set them free, You alone can restore them and renew a right spirit in them Oh Lord, My God. But we also know that in troubled times we can turn to Him for peace and comfort and know that even in the midst of tragedy, chaos, darkness, heartache and uncertain days He can make us lie down in green pastures, lead us to still quiet waters and restore our souls. s